Where does one begin?

So I have watched “that sugar film” read the books ‘Eat Real Food’ by David Gillespie, ‘That Sugar Book’ by Damon Gameau and ‘I Quit Sugar” by Sarah Wison …. now what?

(available from the book depository )

So why is reducing sugar so important? Please take the time to watch this short clip from the ABC Australia –  Watch the video here

This is where my journey begins.

My personal aim is to lower my sugar intake, not go totally sugar free. I am hoping for an intake of about 3 teaspoons a day – not sure how accurately I can measure this but I think as long as I have this goal in mind I will be able to achieve it.  Now some of the books I have read suggest going totally sugar free to begin with to get rid of all of the cravings, but I am going to see how I go on this path.  If I feel I need to change methods, I can, as this is a new approach to food for life: no need to rush, no need to have a set path. There will be potholes and crossroads; after all, it is a journey!

“It’s your road, and yours alone.
others may walk it with you,
but no one can walk it for you.”

Quote – Rumi

 I have recognised that I would like to lower my and my family’s sugar intake. My first step is to use up or get rid of things in my cupboards and fridge that are high in sugar. I will hopefully replace them all with sugar free options instead or question if I really need them at all.  When I first arrived in Jakarta, it was a matter of survival as we all coped with the initial cultural shock. Putting some kind of healthy food on a plate for my family was an obstacle, and facing the supermarket where I could barely read any of the product labels or what was in them, was another challenge. Now that we have been here for a while, I am feeling much more settled and the time has come to face this challenge.

I know I should probably just throw all these things out, but I don’t want to be wasteful, so some will go but others I will use up instead. I don’t have too much to remove as I have been aware of my sugar intake for close to a year, although it seems that as we began down this new path of living in Jakarta, some of things have snuck back into my cupboards and fridge as a matter of survival and a source of familiarity.

Some of the things that are in my ‘use or remove’ list are ….
  • Premade sauces – tomato, bbq, stir fry sauces etc
  • Mayonaise
  • Juice
  • Chocolate and sweet treats (lollies, biscuits)
  • Jam
  • Flavoured yoghurt and ice-cream
  • Sugary cereals 
  • Milo and Quick
Here are some of the things on the to go list…

Soon the road will be clear for re-fueling and restocking and I will share with you what I find to replace things that are high in sugar, where if find them and even what I have a go at making.

The new adventure has begun!